How to manage orders

Firecape will retrieve all of your orders and place them into our simple to use software so you can efficiently manage them.


Orders have 6 statuses:

Pending - The order is pending and has not been placed.

Ordered - The product has been successfully ordered.

Shipped - The product has been ordered and is on its way to the customer.

Out of stock - The product is not available to order since it is out of stock in your vendor.

Cancelled - Order has been cancelled either by you or the buyer and it does not require ordering.

Request Return - This is when your buyer requests a return of the product so you can set it to "Request Return" status.

You can place orders by using the orange "Place Order" button on the right and can edit some details about the order by clicking the edit button next to place order.

On the edit screen, you are able to edit the status, supplier order id, add the subtotal, shipping, tax, and notes you want to include. For a more detailed view of what the edit modal includes click Here

Firecape provides you with the date and time the order came in, a picture of the product, the source listing, customer name, latest ship by, gross sales and profit numbers, and an option to add and generate a tracking number.

For more information on how to generate a tracking number for an order please click Here

Above the orders table, you will be able to search for a PO or SKU, filter for order status, and filter by dates.

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