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How to use the place order feature

Firecape retrieves all of your orders into our software so you and your team can efficiently place them.


1.) When in the orders section, press the orange "Place Order" button on the right-hand side.

2.) This will bring up a modal and take you to the suppliers' page where you can order the product.

Top left box (Green) - We have the product information, the PO#, order date, latest ship by date, and the quantity you need to order on your supplier's website.

Top right box (Blue) - In this section, we have the information from your customer so you can easily copy and paste it on your vendors' website.

Bottom left box (Red) - Here you can adjust the status of the order, add the supplier order id from your vendor, add the subtotal, shipping, tax, and any notes you may want to add regarding that order. Keep in mind that entering a supplier order id will mark the order as "Ordered."

Bottom right box (Yellow) - In this section, it will show you your subtotal, supplier total, profit, margin, ROI, and more. Keep in mind that entering a supplier order id will mark the order as "Ordered."

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