How do listings work

Once you add your first listing using our "Create Listing" button, Firecape consistently monitors price and stock changes.

For more information on how to create your first listing click here

You can search for listings by SKU or Source ID at the top search bar and you can filter for your listings by status. Below we go over each status and what they mean.

Listings have 6 statuses:

Active - The listing is active and is currently in your Walmart store

Submitted - Listing has been submitted and will be moved to pending upload soon

Pending upload - The listing is pending upload to your Walmart store and should be available shortly 

Pending removal - This listing is pending removal from your Walmart store

Missing source - This listing is missing a source, which means there is no way of ordering that product since it is not connected to a vendor.

Error - There has been an error creating your listing

Here are some other important details we include in the listings section.

  • Listing name on Walmart and source
  • Name of the product
  • SKU
  • Status on Amazon and if it is in stock via your source
  • Price you are selling it at on Walmart and the cost price via source
  • Profit per item
  • Set a custom repricing strategy for that specific listing
  • Who the listing was created by 
  • The option to edit, pause and delete the listing

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