How to manage listings

Once you login into your account and click on the "Listings" tab you will see an overview of all your listings.

Firecape provides you with the option to edit, pause, or delete the listing. Below we will go over what each feature does.

To edit the listing, click on the pencil and paper icon, this will allow you to change the source URL and change the repricer strategy for that listing. It will also show you more details about the vendor listing and the Walmart listing such as the SKU, UPC, and price on both the vendor's side and on Walmart.

To pause the listing, click on the pause icon which will stop Firecape from monitoring stock levels, and disable the repricer until you re-enable it. For more information on how to disable the repricer click here.

To delete the listing, click on the red trash icon to completely remove it from your store.

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