How to create a listing

Firecape provides a seamless way to upload listings onto your store, we automatically change stock levels for your listing as it goes in and out of stock and customize shipping, handling, and tax settings.

Once you log in, click on the "Listings" tab to see all of your listings currently added and filter by SKU or source ID and by the current listing status.


1.) Click on the "Create Listing" button to add your first product on Firecape.

2.) Once you click on "Create Listing" you will be able to input the Walmart URL and the Vendor URL.

3.) We will bring back the listings, the price on their appropriate channels, and if it is currently in stock. You will be able to adjust the initial price on Walmart and the purchase quantity. The purchase quantity is the quantity you need to set to fulfill the order on Walmart. For example, If the product is a 2 pack on Walmart and on your vendor it's only a 1 pack, you would input purchase quantity 2 so you know you need to order 2 on your vendors side to fulfill the order quantity on Walmart. Once you create the listing Firecape will begin to manage stock levels and supplier price changes.

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