Top level numbers explained

Firecape provides you with all the numbers you need when running your dropshipping business.

In this article, we will be going over all of the top-level numbers and how we calculate them.

Gross Sales - The total amount the buyer paid for the product including Taxes and Marketplace Fees.

Shipping - This is the combined amount you paid for shipping on all of your placed orders

Tax Collected - The amount of tax collected on the orders you sold 

Fees - The total amount of fees collected by Walmart Marketplace

Net Payable
- Your net amount after all fees and taxes. Formula: Gross sales - Fees - Tax Collected = Net Payable 

Supplier Cost - The combined dollar amount you paid your suppliers for fulfilling your Walmart orders. This includes the product cost, shipping cost, and taxes at the supplier.

Profit - Your Net Payable minus the Supplier Cost. Formula: Net Payable - Supplier Cost = Profit

Margin - This is calculated by dividing the profit from gross sales. Formula: Profit/Gross Sales = Margi

ROI (Return on Investment) - This is calculated by dividing the profit from supplier cost. Formula: Profit/Supplier Cost = ROI

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